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  1. Phnom Penh Autonomous Port
  2. Sihanouk Ville Autonomous Port
  3. FIATA
  4. AFFA
  5. UNESCAP-Transport Sector
  6. World Customs Organization
  7. International Maritime Organization
  8. World Airport Codes
  9. International Commercial Terms


  1. Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  2. Gen Department of Customs and Excise
  3. Ministry of Commerce
  5. Investment in Cambodia
  6. Cambodia Trade Promotion Department
  7. Ministry of Economy and Finance
  8. General Department of Taxation
  9. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  10. Ministry of Interior
  11. Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
  12. Ministry of Education Youth and Sport
  13. Ministry of Environment
  14. Ministry of foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  15. Ministry of Health
  16. Ministry of Information
  17. National Information Communications Technology Development Authority
  18. Ministry of Land Management Urban Planing and Construction
  19. Ministry of Planing
  20. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
  21. Ministry of Cult and Religion
  22. Ministry of Rural Development
  23. Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia
  24. Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology
  25. Ministry of Women Affairs
  26. State Secretariat of Civil Aviation


  1. Cambodia Chamber of Commerce
  2. Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations
  3. Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce
  4. Cambodia Federation of Employers and Business Association
  5. Garment Manufacture Association of Cambodia (GMAC)
  6. International Business Chamber
  7. American Cambodian Business Council
  8. British Business Association of Cambodia
  9. Chambre de commerce Franco-Cambodia
  10. cambo-china.com
  11. Thai Business Council of Cambodia
  12. Japan Business Association of Cambodia
  13. Agriculture Technology Service Association
  14. Cambodia Rice Exporter Association
  15. Cambodia Rice Association
  16. Triple F-Farmer's Association
  17. Small and Medium Enterprise in Cambodia
  18. Cambodian Craft Cooperation
  19. Artisans' Association of Cambodia
  20. Handmade Textile Group Association
  21. Rajana Association
  22. Kampong-Cham Chamber of Commerce
  23. Siem Reap Chamber of Commerce

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