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This area is dedicated to members only, you will find information and services of CAMFFA has exclusively collected or developed for its members.

You will also find the list of CAMFFA activities, meeting reports we attend on your behalf, CAMFFA training program details and CAMFFA library list of documents at your disposal.

CAMFFA has many more projects on the way:

- From a quarterly meeting we hope we can count on your participation to our coming monthly meeting, inviting other business association and guest speakers from the Government or related industry institutions or organization. It will be a good time to share ideas, opinions and experiences but also a chance for members who wish to promote their name to sponsor the event.

- With your reply to our survey, an Insurance program can be negotiated for CAMFFA members to secure a professional coverage as well as the possibility to offer profitable insurance brokerage to your customers.

- While our training program will develop further in 2013, we will also secure more capacity building activities for your staff with port and dry ports visits.

- CAMFFA Trade Facilitation committee had its first meeting and we trust that soon this exchange of ideas will help CAMFFA in their meeting with government authorities to solve obstacles CAMFFA members face and improve further the business climate in Cambodia encouraging investors to come and set business in Cambodia to support its economical growth.

This web site has recently been refreshed and we hope it will give you satisfaction.

As we wish to give you satisfaction,we most welcome all your comments and suggestions.

Wishing you an interesting day,